An inspiring twist on traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Located in a 19th-century mansion on the cliff edge in Oia since 2004, the Red Bicycle offers an inspiring twist on Mediterranean specialities with a strong focus on quality Santorini produce. Its exceptional service and feel-good décor, paired with the island’s dramatic natural heritage, manage to evoke a feeling that is somehow metaphysical.

Sourcing and preparing the freshest high quality raw ingredients, carefully hand-picked from the local community, at the Red Bicycle we create deeper, shared and social culinary experiences. We reclaim dining in a way that connects us to nature and strengthens our shared sense of belonging. With an inspiring twist even the most ordinary dish follows a satisfying arc of transformation, magically becoming more than the sum of its ordinary parts. And this is the reason why in almost every dish you can find, besides the culinary ingredients, the ingredients of a story.

Matched with eclectic personnel and the tenacious Mediterranean moonlight, our stories create memories that evoke self-expression, creativity and cherished time spent with our loved ones. Like a well-kept secret, the Red Bicycle dining experience opposes the notion of time, tastes like a childhood memory and invites you to remember those you once loved.

The Red Bicycle Wine Cellar
The Red Bicycle has a carefully selected wine list with a focus on local Santorini wines. The list features wines from the best vineyards in Greece – all sourced with a great deal of care and attention. Our trusted sommelier is happy to assist you in the selection, to ensure you get the most from your tasting.